Category paging urls content rendered as blank page

(Love Chopra ) #1

Problem: Category paging urls content rendered as blank page


  1. Open any category url tech - Demo
    You can see content in this category

  2. Copy its paging url tech - Demo

  3. Open this paging url you will find blank page

I am on latest version of discourse and the same issue is also happening with my discourse instance but interestingly it is working fine on

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Try it with JavaScript disabled and see what happens.

Reminder: those links are for crawlers, not humans.

(Love Chopra ) #3

Yes I have also tried it on lynx text browser and the content on those links rendering as blank

(Jeff Atwood) #4

This loads fine for me:

I have JavaScript disabled in Firefox and clicking these links works fine:

(Love Chopra ) #5

Ohk I got it, this is only happening when category has less number of topics which does not require paging

For ex: if we access praise category praise - Discourse Meta

And then click on next page ->
a blank page gets rendered

Ideally there should not be any paging link in this case