Category permission - View own posts only - Ticket system

(Rolo Laria) #1

We need a forum category to work as a ticket system

Is there any forum category permission to let users view own posts only?


How to Use Discourse as a Private Support/Ticket System
(Jeff Wong) #2

My impulse here would be that there’s some way to generate groups for this, one per user.

That being said though, I know that there are plans in the works to enable Discourse to act as a ticketing system for emails in a release coming soon.

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #3

You’re basically asking for a new permission, which has been discussed a couple times

Short answer: We recommend using PMs for this if possible. “view own posts only” is a deceptively difficult thing to do right.

(Rolo Laria) #4

Well, I am new to discourse and now I discovered there is a MESSAGE section where the user can have a private contact with admins…This is very close to a ticket system! Here the user only can see his own messages (this is the point that started this post titled “Category permission - View own posts only - Ticket system”)

May be there is something easy to do:

If user is admin or mod he sees the top right button that says "+ New Topic"
But if user is not admin or mod, the button texts converts to “+ New Ticket” (and links to user message section)

What do you think? Is it easy to do it? :wink: