Category selector shows up as blank

(Sian White) #1

Hi all,

When a user is creating a thread, all the categories in the right hand dropdown are invisible in the box. The relevant category can still be selected, but without the preview our users don’t seem to even think to click the dropdown (understandably!)

I’d appreciate your help as I don’t know how to fix this.


(DjCyry) #2

Whats happend if you make click on categories ?

(Sian White) #3


If I click the dropdown the categories appear, but still don’t display within the dropdown box itself once I have selected one:

(DjCyry) #4

Should be like this ;

“Uncategorized” as default . Check your “posting” options .

(Sian White) #5

Thank you. I can’t see anything relating to categories under ‘posting’ in my admin settings. Do you know what I should be looking for? Apologies if this is really basic, I’m a Discourse beginner.

(David Taylor) #6

Do you have any customizations on your forum? Try using safe mode to disable them temporarily and see if the problem persists.

(Stephen Chung) #7

I don’t think there is such a setting…

If you have uncategorized disabled, then the user must choose a category from the drop-down box. There is no default.

However, the text Select a category... should appear in the drop-down box… The fact that you show an empty drop-down box means something is probably wrong with the text…

(Sian White) #8

Hi Stephen,

Yes, that’s what I was thinking! Do you have any idea where I might be able to fix the text? Or where to start looking?

(Stephen Chung) #9

You might want to check your theme… Could be your theme hiding it.

The first step is to press F12 to bring up the debugging console, then see if you can find the text inside the drop-box.

If you don’t then likely you’re running an old version of Discourse. Upgrade and try again.

(Felix Freiberger) #10

Remember to do this – this step will be able to tell you whether your theme is causing this :slight_smile:

Also, what’s the URL to your site?

(Sian White) #11

Will do, thank you! It’s

(Sian White) #12

Ahh I just tried it, and it now looks like this! So the theme or customisation is causing the problem somewhere…

I don’t like that it defaults to ‘random threads’ - how do I get it to say ‘Select a category…’ ?

So many questions, sorry!

(Felix Freiberger) #13

Okay! This means that you (or your designer) should carefully review all CSS rules applying to the dropdown, identifying which one is coming from your customization and is breaking this. You browser’s inspector tool should come in handy here :slight_smile:

I think it will always default to the Uncategorized category as long as it’s enabled – if you want to change that, you’ll have to move all topics out of there and disable it.

(Sian White) #14

That’s really helpful, thank you Felix! :slight_smile:

(Stephen Chung) #15

Did someone renamed uncategorized to random threads?

(Sian White) #16

Probably when it was being developed for us, yes.

(Stephen Chung) #17

Then you need to disallow uncategorized posts in order for the Select a category... text to show up. You can do that in the settings.