Category Setting: Auto-close topic hours - apply to existing topics

In my opinion, it would make more sense for the ‘auto-close topic hours’ (and optional ‘Don’t close until the last post in the topic is at least this old.’) per-category settings to apply to all existing topics in the category. Instead of applying only to new topics.

For most use cases, I think this would be more ideal. It could be optional to apply it to existing topics (similar to how when we change the digest frequency, we’re asked if we want to apply it retroactively to all accounts). So for any scenario of not wanting it to apply to existing posts would be ok too.

Wouldn’t that mean any topic which has already “aged out” is immediately closed?

What if you set the interval too short, it can’t reopen topics automatically. Sounds like it would be pretty painful to resolve.

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Yes it would close old topics, but I’d say that is the intention of admins using this option. As for making mistakes, giving them a warning (and/or option to apply this to existing posts or not) would help.

I don’t think there would be many admins that would want to use this option to, for example, close topics that haven’t received any responses for at least 1 month. But then leave the last several years of topics in that category open indefinitely. In that case, it seems sort of fruitless to change the setting.

This kind of limits the uses to new forums and admins that are proficient with the rails console or postgres (to manually close the old topics in that category).

I think manually closing all old topics in one category spanning over several years is more painful than manually re-opening recent topics that were accidentally closed due to possible admin error.

Came across this which looks like the solution to apply auto close to old topics also, must have missed it before when searching: Apply auto-close to existing topics