Category setting for default tags

(Steve Combs) #1

Continuing the discussion from Let's discuss if tag should be enabled on Mobile:

Another tag feature would be a category setting for default tags so that all topics posted in a category would include certain tags designated by the admin. Would help to aggregate topics like events across the site.

(Sam Saffron) #2

Can you expand here a bit with a particular use case?

(Steve Combs) #3

It would be useful for sites that have dedicated categories (more likely subcategories) for things like events, galleries, products, press releases, support, geographic areas, languages, etc.

In my specific case I have different groups that each have their own event and gallery subcategories. For users who participate in multiple groups, it’s a way for them to see everything under one tag.

This would be away to easily aggregate topics across a site and reduce admin work. Thinking it through more, it probably should just be the first post in a category, not every reply, that gets the tag.

Not a show stopper, but might be nice for some sites.