Category ties to Webpage. Display topics?

I’m working on a project that will eventually have a large number of rather static webpages.

2 items on each page will be changing/growing: Images/Video and discussions.

Can each page be tied to a dedicated category in Discourse?
Can the topics (showing the title of each new topic only) be listed out on the associated webpage?
Can I add a New Topic button on that page to take a user into the correct Discourse category with a new post box open?


Can you explain what you mean here?

I think this might be something of what I’m after:

Right now the plan is to setup “a webpage per item”. This isn’t a shopping cart more like an encyclopedia.

There is a page, Bent Widgets, and we would like to have discussions based around that item. Discussions in the format of a forum/Discourse not a chat. Every new discussion it’s own thread.

So the question became could we setup the Bent Widgets webpage, have a Bent Widgets Discourse category and display several of the latest Discourse discussions on the webpage?

Could we embed the New Topic button on the Bent Widgets page and once clicked would kick over to Discourse with a new topic editor open in the Bent Widgets category?

Does that make sense?