Category won't show up on user profile

Hei! :slight_smile: So I setup some permissions for specific groups.

so this is an example of what is happening, and i can’t find why… maybe you can help me
user: wicked
group: vegans
category: vegan discussion
subcategory: vegan recipes

So wicked is on the vegans group… and the vegans group has access to view, answer, create on the vegan recipes subcategory. and the vegan discussions has permissions for all the users to view, answer and create.

What Happens?
The vegan recipe subcategory and the vegan discussions category wont show up on the main page of the user wicked.
But, if the vegan recipe is moved (by an admin) to be a category instead of a subcategory, then the user wicked can see it!

What is expected?
I expect that the vegan recipe subcategory and that the vegan discussions category show up on the main page of the user wicked!

When you say shown up on the main user page, what exactly do you mean? The activity tab?

In my Discourse instance I have my posts in subcategories showing up on my user profile. These include subcategories that are only visible to the groups that I’m a part of.

Is this happening for all users, or just specific ones? Can you describe more about the other groups that have permissions on the category? How about the group?

If by main page you’re actually talking about the logged in homepage of Discourse (default is categories), and you’re saying that the subcategories aren’t showing up for the user, then you might just have to enable the option that makes subcategories visible. The subcategories should still be available to navigate to via the category selector, but just not inside the main category body.

Edit your category and in the settings tab toggle the “show subcategory list above topics in this category” checkbox.