Ceating topic using API with custom topic ID

I am creating a topic using the discourse API but I wanted to confirm is it possible that we can add topic_id? I am trying to do so with the following payload, but it returns the error (“Something has gone wrong. Perhaps this topic was closed or deleted while you were looking at it?”). But when I create a topic without mentioning topic_id, it is created successfully.

    "title": "test topic",
    "topic_id": 60,
    "raw": "This topic provides detailed discussion about topic xyz"

I do not think that it’s possible to assign a topic id. It is assigned when the topic is created.

What problem are you solving by using an arbitrary topic id?

I have a list of topics in our website and want to create the topic with the same ID in discourse so that I can link them up easily (so far I am doing everything locally). I can use the slug to solve this problem but the issue is, we allow to update the topics name in our website and it will definitely create the problem of mismatching slugs thus the corresponding discussion against that topic cannot be found in discourse.