Change category text color on topic header?

What CSS could I put in to just change the text beneath the thread title (in this case “Music”) to white,? I’m using this excellent theme for reference (Sam's personal "minimal" topic list design) , but I changed the header to grey as I preferred it in the color palette, which unfortunately had the side effect of clashing with the category text below the title.


Did you also change the header primary color to white (#ffffff) or some other light color? I believe that is what controls that text color.

You can also add this CSS

.extra-info-wrapper .badge-wrapper.bullet span.badge-category {
  color: white;

Yes, I had already changed the header primary color to white. However it doesn’t seem to carry over here. I also added the CSS under the Common tab in the theme and it didn’t change the color sadly.

Oh, I should add I’m also using the Custom Header Links extension, might that be affecting it?

Possibly! on a fresh with the white header primary color I see this…


I took it off for a minute and the color remained the same. Really not certain what it is, and it’s not a huge deal anyway, just a nitpick. I’ll try it with all of the extensions taken off later.

I’ve been able to fix it by putting this in the Common CSS for my theme.

.badge-wrapper .badge-category .category-name {
    text-overflow: ellipsis;
    overflow: hidden; 
    color: white;

however, this also turns the category names on the home page (latest) and beneath the title at the top of the thread to white. Is there any way to solely limit it to the header?