Change "Chromebook" on user account page to "Chrome OS"

Continuing the discussion from Chrome OS displays as 'unknown device' on user account page:

When using a Chromebook, seeing “Chromebook” display in the user account page makes sense, but “Chromebook” is also displayed when using other types of Chrome OS devices (such as Chromeboxes for example).

In my opinion, I think that the text in the user account page should be changed to “Chrome OS” instead of “Chromebook” when the website detects that you’re using Chrome OS. :slight_smile:

On a slightly unrelated note, Discourse seems to detect my Linux computer as an “unknown device” or something like that.


Yes this probably makes sense and is an easy copy change @nbianca ?


I created this pull request to replace “Chromebook” to “Chrome OS”:

Can you please tell me what browser are you using or even better, if it is not too much, your user agent string? The easiest way to discover your user agent navigating to a site like this one:


Oh, should it be displaying “Linux” (or the name of the distribution) or something like that? I’m wondering if I’m just confused here…

It should say just “Linux”. Unfortunately, there isn’t a way of extracting the name of the distribution from the data the browser sends to the server.


Ah, okay. Good to know. Thank you for the clarification.