Change Default Backup Location

(Lobo) #1

Currently, we have a locally hosted instance of Discourse. All in-house and nothing facing the outward world wide web.

We have a bit of a 2 part question.

We’d love to know if it may be possible, to point the default save directory of Discourse backups to a location other than default. Like if we may change the default path. Possibly, to another folder on our network. (I.E. Our backup NAS)

Secondly, we’d love to know if we may push these saves to said folder, but maybe to another folder as well. We have 2 instances of this locally hosted Discourse. One Primary and One Backup. If we can have the primary’s daily backups going to 2 folders / 2 locations – it would save us time in shaving off downtime.

If the second question is not possible, we understand completely. But if we can get the backups going to a different folder, we’d be more than grateful for the help with that.

Thank you in advanced, and please keep up all the amazing work with the Discourse Project.

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #2

This is doable with symlinks and rsync. However this is server administration, and not specific to Discourse.

Research this two topic to learn more about.

(Lobo) #3

Hey @Falco - Thanks for the timely reply. I saw your digest post about Dropbox and it got me thinking about doing all these backups and such.

Rsync looks rather promising and relatively straight forward – I’m reading up on it as we speak. What is the default /var/discourse directory for the .tz backups on an install?

(cpradio) #4


(Christoph) #5

just in case someone is looking for the location of their backups and can’t find them at /var/discourse/shared/standalone/backups. I found mine at /var/discourse/shared/web-only/backups/default.

(Jeff Atwood) #6

That’s because you have a split container setup. Not really relevant for 99% of installs.