Change default view in a topic and add top menu to topic view

(John Archer) #1


I have two questions, both kind of related.

First: When I click into a Topic within a category, it automatically jumps to the most recent comment in that topic, rather than the top of the topic where the source post is. Is there a way to change it so when someone clicks a Topic, they see the original post first, and then scroll down and read the comments in order?

Second: When someone is in a topic, the top menu disappears, meaning they have to either click Back or click the banner logo to go to the home page. How can I add the default Home Page navigation menu buttons - Latest, New, Categories, etc - to the topic view? I’d like to make navigation as easy as possible and cut down on the number of clicks required to jump around.

Thanks again! This community is always so helpful!

(Jay Pfaffman) #2

No, it jumps to the first unread comment in that topic. The first time someone visits the topic, they’ll be put at the start of it. You don’t need to worry about this one.

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #3

Where would you propose these links go? If I’m reading a topic (like this one - screenshot below) I’m not seeing where those links would appear. They’re all currently in the hamburger menu, but that is of course an extra click.

(Mittineague) #4

There is a topic that I always want to go to the first post and not my last read post. The solution is easy once you know it. Instead of clicking on the topic title, click on the number under the replies column.

That will open a modal that provides the option to go to either the first or the last post in that topic regardless of the last read post.

(John Archer) #5

I see your point. There’s not really any way of adding those links in without losing a ton of screen real estate while reading a topic. I completely forgot about the little hamburger menu up there.

So, it would appear both of my questions required no solution, simply more knowledge! Thank you!

(John Archer) #6

Oh, awesome! It’s easy to overlook these things when you’re always browsing as an admin. Whoops.

Thank you for the info!

(Jay Pfaffman) #7

I’ve definitely fallen into that trap, but in this case, it’s that you were browsing as a user who’s read a topic. :wink:

(Leo Castro) #8

Hi John,

Did you find a way to add the top menu (navigation-bar) to the top of topic page?