Change Excerpt Length In Email

(charles) #1

I use the preview to look at the excerpt and have decided to decrease the length.

Where is that being controlled? I tried the minimize setting and when using the preview, it stays the same. Does option exist? How about only title of topic with no excerpt?

(Régis Hanol) #2

Right now, there’s no available setting to change the length of the excerpt in emails. It’s fixed at 1000 characters.

(Jesse Perry) #3

Putting in another vote for this. I’m appreciative of the “minimum” digest excert length setting, but would like a maximum setting. I’m finding people are opening their digest emails, but low % click through. It would be nice to encourage them to click to the site to continue reading.

Even though mine is not - I would suppose this would be especially important to those serving ads on their Discourse site.

(system) #4

(Régis Hanol) #5

There are now plenty of settings :gear: to control the size of the digest

  • digest min excerpt length (defaults to 100)
  • digest topics (defaults to 5)
  • digest posts (defaults to 5)
  • digest other topics (defaults to 5)