Change full name in profile

(Leo Bergnéhr) #1

In the user profile it’s possible to edit the username and the email address. I can’t seem to find how, if possible, to edit the full name though. Is that possible, and if not, for what reasons?

Wish I could edit a user's full name from admin
(David Celis) #2

Looking through the code, if the enable_names option (“Allow users to show their full names”) is enabled, that’s also supposed to allow users to edit their full names. I think I looked through all of the relevant code and didn’t notice a time constraint on how long you have to change your name.

I think that this might be a bug, given that on my own forums I can’t change my own name even though I am an admin. It’s possible that field is just never toggling as editable. /ccing @zogstrip for his input

(Régis Hanol) #3

Indeed, it’s a bug. Something might be wrong about this commit:

(Forest Carlisle) #4

I’ll take a look. Thanks for the finding the issue.

(Forest Carlisle) #5

I found the issue and submitted another pull request with the fix.

(Jeff Atwood) #6

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