Change language after install

(Henrik Johansson) #1

Hi, I’ve installed discourse 1.3.4, the installation was done with a US locale so the default language was set to english. I´ve changed it to sv in settings and everything is now in swedish part from the default forum entries and the welcome email that is sen out when a new user is registered. My concern is primary getting mail sent out to user localised for sv, is there a way to change that after installation?

Also, what parts is changed when switching locale and what parts are still in the locale that was used for installation?


(Kane York) #2

Try rebuilding the container… that should fix the emails.

(Henrik Johansson) #3

I tried that, installed with US-locale, changed to sv through the web interface and rebuilt the container but still with the same result. It’s a bit curios since the subject of the message is localised but not the content, like its welcome_user subjec_template from, but text_body_template still from server.en.yml.

"Välkommen till Discourse!

Thanks for joining Discourse, and welcome!

A few quick tips to get you started:"

Also activate_email, that is shown in the browser after you registered and are having an activation link sent out is still in english.


(Gerhard Schlager) #4

That’s exactly what’s happening. There’s no Swedish translation of text_body_template in v1.3.4. You’d need to upgrade to the beta channel or wait for the release of v1.4 in order to get those translations.

(Henrik Johansson) #5

Ah, i was just looking at HEAD in Github. Thanks for the help!