Change Moderator Ability


I’m wondering where I can go to change moderator and/or admin permissions. I was using NodeBB before, and they have a pretty robust system where you can add and take away permissions. Also, are there not something like ranks?? I haven’t found any of it but figured it would be something pretty typical of forum software like this.

(Owen Sullivan) #2

I’m pretty sure there is no way to change the permissions for a mod or admin, and the rank system is manifested in the trust levels. You can easily change what trust levels are required for certain actions in the Settings menu, but I don’t think you can change mod/admin abilities (yet), although a team member could correct me.


Oh dang. That stinks. I have one more question. I found a post where they said you can add your own badges and control how they’re automatically given to users, but I can’t seem to find that either. :frowning:


Go to /admin/badges

You can edit the settings on existing badges (or turn them off) and create your own ones.


Yeah, I saw that, but I don’t see a place to actually add an automated way for them to get the badge. Just the description, etc.

(Jeff Atwood) #6

Due to security and performance risks of allowing raw sql badge queries, we only enable badge editing on our hosting for the business and higher hosting tiers – and even then only upon request.


Oh sorry, I misunderstood.

You need to write a relevant SQL query. You can no longer do that through the AdminCP.
More info on how to do it here.