Change the domain name or rename my Discourse?

(Hung V Pham) #35

discourse remap This command will update the database, right?

(Mitchell Krog) #36

Yes indeed it will and does

(Hung V Pham) #37

What does the command rake posts:rebake do? It also will update the database?

(Mitchell Krog) #38

I think so perhaps @codinghorror can elaborate on that.

(Felix Freiberger) #39

Rebaking will convert the raw markdown of all posts to HTML again. It should be run when you have manually changed the markdown and want the changes to appear :slight_smile:

(Mitchell Krog) #40

Thanks for explanation @fefrei

Do I need to rebuild when my domain name changes?
(Edison) #41

discourse remap

So type YES and check Enter button?

(Jay Pfaffman) #42

Yes. You want it to make the change as you describe.

You should make a backup first in car something good wrong.

(phb) #43

I made changes in Admin settings with new website name. and mails are sending with new name but it is saying “sent through old website name”

will update after changes.

(Jay Pfaffman) #44

Hey, @codinghorror. Perhaps add here that you can re-run discourse-setup rather than editing app.yml.

Another complication that isn’t handled (and I don’t have a simple, clean solution for off-hand) is that if you change to, you get the ugly warning about the site not being the right one.

(Jeff Atwood) #45

Sure I made it a wiki so edit away!

(phb) #46

I wanted to know what is the procedure for dual container install with separate container for Data and Web.

My installation is on dual container.

(Matt Palmer) #47

Edit the web container’s .yml for DISCOURSE_HOSTNAME and rebuild that container. Everything else is the same.

(phb) #48

Thank you @mpalmer

I completed the renaming of my website successfully using the procedures explained here.

after entering into containers, I did not know how to come out of it.

but issued Exit command. it worked. :grinning:

Thank you guys.

It is time to change SSL. but it is not complaining so far using SSL certificate of the old site itself ?.

I am unable to send mails from Admin/Email. I changed postmaster @ oldsite dot com also to new postmaster @ newsite dot com. may be need to update password for mailgun ?

Did it also. now mails are working.

But my original purpose of renaming of website was to avoid mails going to spam folder. this renaming did not solve it. Found website name is not the problem.

Need to look at something else on this.

Discourse emails are marked as spam on GMail