Change the domain name or rename my Discourse?

Yes, sorry, none of this applies to hosted Discourse, in hosted Discourse there is a button you press on the admin dashboard which allows you to change your domain name from the web browser.


Taylor pm’d me a bit earlier and told me. Thing was that I used the button and instructions but I don’t think that it was specified to remove the old domain cname. I ended up creating a sub domain named exactly like the cname at my registrar. Then I removed the old cname and made a 301 redirect of the old url to the new one.


How to edit the .htacces file?

I did change from —>

I would like the old* to be forwarded (or what the name is) to*

At the old forum place ( I now have a wordpress installation. So it only the old forum topic paths I need to forward - when peolple browse the google search and get the wrong url

should be



So that’s where you need to make the change. It’s not a Discourse issue.


Thanks for the friendly comment.

Sometime it is better not saying anything, then saying nothing…

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Sorry. I meant no offense. But you can’t solve your problem on the Discourse side. We can’t know how you set up wordpress or how to modify it.


In your WP installation just download a redirect plugin and setup a redirect for whatever you like. Or create a cname record in your DNS settings. If you’re talking about a simple forward these are two ways to do it.



It its solved by using a redirection plugin.

I thought it was a .htaccess issue.

Thanks for help!


Before my rollout, I decided I wanted to change my subdomain from .forum to .community. Stupidly, I thought since there are no posts within this instance of Discourse, a simple A NAME change in the DNS would suffice. I’m guessing that’s wrong.

Do I have to make a change in the app.yml?

Is there some documentation on how to do that? I’m a slow learner and a lot of this is very new to me. (This is for a rare disease-related forum and I’m hoping to get it online soon.) Any help is much appreciated. Thank you!

EDIT: I figured out how to to edit the app.yml from this post: How do I edit my "/containers/app.yml file" from the root@digitialoceandropletname ssh workspace?

So for noobs like me who read this thread in the future, the above command opens a nano text editor in the shell to let you edit the app.yml file. I also learned that ^ = ctrl. I was literally hitting the shft+6 instead of the ctrl key. :rofl:


Does this also replace instances of your old domain name in user emails and maybe even your admin email?

I think after i ran this my admin email changed from to

Maybe the culprit was elsewhere, but after I got the instance running, I couldn’t log in with my old credentials and had to manually create an admin user on the server.

In case this happens for someone else and they are locked out with an unrecognizable admin email. Try logging in with and the same password as previously.

if all else fails you can always manually create a new admin login.

ssh root@xxx.yy.zzz
cd var/discourse/
./launcher enter app
rake admin:create

the ip is the same ip of the digital ocean droplet right?
i didin’t change the ttl in advance and now i’m in the hit refresh paranoia waiting to see the forum again!

also is there an alternative way to check if the forum is ok?


How can i add to a post or a reply with an input field as this post example with and to a generated code block like discourse remap ?

Hope i make sense with this question.

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It took me a minute, but see Topic Template Placeholder Text theme component - theme - Discourse Meta


It’s actually this one: Discourse Placeholder Forms theme component


Hello, when i run console rake posts:rebake
Process can’t load 100%, this mean error?

 > rake posts:rebake
> Rebaking post markdown for 'default'
>     96918 / 102742 ( 94.3%)/usr/local/bin/rake: line 2: 17146 Killed
>       RAILS_ENV=production sudo -H -E -u discourse bundle exec bin/rake "$@"

I’m doing all thing in #1 with no error, but now server ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED. Two domains not working anymore, already rebuild app, reboot server …

Edit: Caused by rate limit of letsencrypt