Change the homepage or select a default category when creating a topic?


Hi !

I’d like to know if there is a way to change the homepage other than the top menu option ?

I work on a project that use only one public category and uses the links category plugin.

It’s pretty complex to explain (especially when you are not totally an expert in english :stuck_out_tongue: ), I hope it’ll be fine :

The issue :

  • When we create a topic, we have to default composer instead of the link composer
  • And we have to manually select the only category available which is a bit weird

I tried :

  • setting the uncategorized section with the link topic option and use only this category, but the link composer isn’t activated, it’s the default topic composer
  • setting the Liens category in the top menu (category/Liens). The option works on the 2nd (or more) position, but when I put it first on the list, I have a 404 error

**My ideas**
  • I think I have two options to make this work :
  • change the homepage to make it redirect to
  • or set the Liens category automatically on the composer with his special composer

Thanks in advance if someone has a lead

(I think it’s a general issue, more than a issue related to the plugins, that’s why I posted on support)