Change the Signup button flow

(Jeremy) #1

Is there a way to change where the signup button goes?

Additionally we are seeing inconsistent behavior around the Signup button dependent on the browser being used, Chrome, Firefox, IE.

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #2

Can you share some screenshots of the inconsistencies?


You could use CSS but I’d think pretty carefully about that because right now it is where users expect it to be. If you make it unintuitive your conversion rate will probably suffer.

(Jeremy) #4

So today as I go in to try and capture screen shots the inconsistencies seems to be working. However the sign up and the log in buttons appear to both be going to our SSO login screen. We would like to change the sign up button to go to our registration page.

(Jeremy) #5

As it stands right now it is confusing because we have both the log in and sign up buttons going to our SSO login. We just want to point the sign up button at our registration page.


Oh, so you don’t want to move the button, you want it to behave differently? I misunderstood.

(Jeremy) #7

You are exactly right, we do not need to change the placement just where it sends the users.

(Robert McIntosh) #8

Any advances on this? I might be interested in this option too

(Jeremy) #9

We were told that based on our setup they were not able to change this, instead we changed the CSS to remove the button and then are going to handle the signup/register button on our federated sign in page.

(Robert McIntosh) #10

Thanks - I assumed that would be the case

(Jeremy) #11

It would have been nice and a cleaner solution to be able to send the button click elsewhere, but this will work for our purpose anyway.