Change URL /About page?

(Hakan) #1

I can not set up the About page as I want. I want to edit pages like Wordpress pages but this is still not possible

I want to change the url of the shan / about page. If you direct the URL to a normal topic, I am currently working on it.

Example redirect: /about >> /t/aboutpage

I use a lot of pages and I want to access all the pages from one place, so I choose this method. would you just tell me how I can change / about url / url?

(Hakan) #2

Does anyone have an answer?

I want to direct the about page like /t/ about topic post.

(Robert McIntosh) #3

The About page is a fixed page and you can’t update it manually or redirect it without changing your installation.

However, this is possible if you use a plugin, and I think you’ve already had this discussion before:

Have you tried this solution?

(Hakan) #4

I do not want to add new menu.
I want to edit the contents of the about page like the WordPress page.

(Robert McIntosh) #5

At this time you can’t edit that page “like Wordpress”. The plugin I linked you to allows you to add more pages that you do have control over.

You can edit the content of the existing elements of the About page through your admin section, and if that is not enough you can try editing using CSS:

(Hakan) #6
.about-page .about.description {
   h2 {
       display: none;
   p:after {
       white-space: pre-wrap;
       content: "\A\A First paragraph\A\ASecond Paragraph";

I tried this, but I get such an error. Cursor problem, not select and clicked text.
And I want to write a lot of articles on the bottom line How can I do this?

(Hakan) #7

I uploaded a video but it does not appear, how do I fix this error?

@jomaxro ?

(Jeff Atwood) #8

Looks like you used a weird video encoding that the web browser does not understand. Windows 10 can play back the video, but the browser cannot.

(Hakan) #9

not click and select Paragraph.

(Jeff Atwood) #10

I believe that is reported elsewhere as triple-click issue. It’s a really rare user action, so we haven’t prioritized it. Double-click is difficult enough for most people without getting into triple, quad, etc

(Hakan) #11

I tried adding a new paragraph.

   p:after {
       white-space: pre-wrap;
       content: "\A\A First paragraph\A\ASecond Paragraph";

I have not clicked on the paragraph I added later. I wanted to show this on the video.