Changes to email template not being saved

Very strange!
I have changed the content of ‘Forum invite mailer’ today on ComputerA. After saving the changes i have send a new email, but the user receives the old content. When I reload my page, I do see the new content

Then we looked at the same template on ComputerB, and the changes were not visible also.
Then we changed the content of the template on ComputerB and voilà, changes were visible on ComputerA too and the user receives the new content in his email.

Both computers run Linux/Chrome . What can be wrong here?

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ComputerA and ComputerB are logged in with different admin accounts. Switched accounts, now ComputerA can also change the mail contents. Conclusion: 1 admin account cannot change the mail content. Weird…

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This usually implies a broken install. Did you install using our official install guide or did you deviate from the install guide in any way, however small?

We did not deviate from the official install guide …