Changing administrator

We are using Discourse for one year now. To start up, we did hire a community manager. She became administrator and organised the forum. She gave us (founders) the role of moderator.
Now her job is finished. I asked her to give me the role of administrator, so I can control the forum. But she is not willing to change our role (moderator) into administrator. So I am wondering how we can change her role and upgrade our role?
I was hoping that someone can help us in this situation.
Regards, Sander

Does your team have root access to the server? If so, follow Create Admin Account from Console. If you don’t have access, who does? They should be able to help.


Thank you very much for your answer. Tomorrow I will have a look. Hopefully it will solve our problem. I will let you know.


I promissed you to let you know hoe it ended.
At the end, our communitymanager did promote me to the level of administrator, so i can control the forum.
Thanks for helping us.

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It will be better to add your email in the developper account. You need the access to your server (root password), if you own the server, I recommand it highly.

To edit the app.yml, you’ll have to connect to your server via a console

cd /var/discourse
nano containers/app.yml

In the app.yml, around line 55-60 you’ll have


Edit this part to add your email, Exit and Save. then:

git pull
./launcher rebuild app

It will update the config (and the forum). It takes ~10 minutes

This will garantee you the access of the panel admin. Nobody will be able to demote you

It would be a good idea to change the password of root too. In your console, use this command:

passwd root


Thanks. We will do it.