Changing email to protonmail service , wont receive any message


i wanted to change my old email with protonmail , and it says that we have sent an email for confirmation. but this email never reached to me (nor to my old email nor to my new one which is protonmail)

Note:- this only happens when i want to change already existed/registered email with discourse forum. but if i sign-up from first step with protonmail i will receive a notification for the activation link.

(Jay Pfaffman) #2

Perhaps you typed that address wrong? You cannot have two accounts with the same addresses.

You are saying that you changed your address, right? You did not change how Discourse sends mail.


the not working scenario like this:-

i registered/signed up with x-email (no a protonmail one) inside discourse-forum

later i wanted to change that email to protonmail email , now it will send a confirmation email right ?

will that confirmation email im not receiving at all.

the working scenario like this:-

if im registered using protonmail from the first step of registration = then i will receive the confirmation message.

hope its clear now

(Andrew ) #4

Is the account you’re trying to change that of another admin? I was having similar problems the other day. It eventually just worked after I removed admin privileges from the target account, but that may have been a coincidence. It didn’t seem to be anything to do with ProtonMail, other than one of the addresses wasn’t yet active (forgot to pick key strength so one never got generated), and SendGrid had it flagged ‘Drop’ because it had previously been bouncing.