Changing like icon and related texts in a specific topic


I would need to change the like icon and related texts (N likes; N, N and N liked this), but only in a specific topic. I would greatly appreciate any hints on how to achieve this! :slight_smile:

Changing the "Like" icon
(Kane York) #2

to change the symbol, add this CSS:

[data-topic-id="66961"] button.toggle-like .fa-heart::before {
  content: "\uxxxx";


Thank you! Is there a way to change the icon into an emoji that is used by the system?

Edit: I found the way, I did it like this:

content: url("/images/emoji/apple/thumbsup.png") " ";
zoom: 25%;
-webkit-filter: grayscale(100);
filter: grayscale(100);

Still looking for a way to change the text from N likes to something else, e.g. N thumbs shown for a single, specific topic.

Edit: this approach was bad. The zoom took a second to change the size. This approach is better.