Changing profile picture results in account becoming anonymous

(Arnold Schrijver) #1

I am admin of and just changed my profile picture from default to an uploaded jpeg image. It seemed to work fine, but when I went to the main page there were no changes and all topics were shown as unread. What happened was that my account had changed and was now named ‘anonymous10’. I had no access to my real account anymore (which was unchanged).

So I logged out, logged in again, and there was no change to the profile picture. So I did the same action again. My previously uploaded photo was still present, and after just changing the option to this setting and pressing ‘Save’ everything worked fine (no cache refresh needed as well).

But I thought I’ll mention it anyway.

I am using FF 60.0 on Ubuntu 16.04

(Jeff Atwood) #2

We can’t reproduce this. Can you reproduce it on It sounds like you entered anonymous posting mode to me, which is a different function.

(Arnold Schrijver) #3

I just tried it on but the problem didn’t occur.

BTW We have had some similar reports by members on some time ago. We didn’t report here, because the re-login fixed the problem then as well.