Changing systems welcome message

I’m having trouble editing the systems welcome message. When I click edit, it jumps to an empty text box. I’ve signed in as admin, but can’t still can’t seem to edit the text. What am I doing wrong? thanks.


Can we repro this Monday @tshenry?


There is definitely some very odd behavior going on:

This is my current experience on Try:

  1. Select text customization
  2. Edit and save customization
  3. Return to search results
  4. Select customization again
  5. Customization shows as empty
  6. Select the revert button
  7. Reverts, but only shows a single line of text and the text area cannot be expanded
  8. Return to search results
  9. Default text customization is now showing
  10. Select text customization
  11. Default text customization is back in place

Likely related: There was a problem editing text with %


A similar not-editable issue and jumps to blank boxes exists with these two welcome notes:


@tshenry @codinghorror May be there is one more issue with editing texts, at least in Ukrainian language version. When I click Save Changes in some (not all) texts with ‘{{count}}’ , the system writes message "The following interpolation key(s) are invalid: “count”, and don’t save changes.

Please, watch video:


I can reproduce this on the Ukrainian translation as well. That particular translation doesn’t exist in the standard English translations.


Thanks for your reply! Please advise what should we do in this particular case?

Please clarify the following: it`s not possible to translate and save the fields with a counter variable that are for “few” values. Fields for the values ​​of “one” and “other” are saved normally.

For example it`s not possible to translate and save the field “”

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We will need to fix the bug. There’s nothing you can do at the moment.

This appears to be the case. For example, js.character_count.few also fails and displays the error (at least in the Ukrainian translation).

So there are currently two bugs in this topic:

  1. Translations are not saving/updating correctly (see here and here)

  2. Translations with “few” in the name are displaying an error about invalid interpolation key(s) with certain languages


I created a PR to fix the editing of translations, and reverting them.

I will look further into invalid interpolation key issue.


I am not seeing what the best solution for invalid interpolation key(s) is.

There are tests that ensure that only one and other keys are present in the yml for pluralization. The above problem is solved by adding the few key to the pluralization yml (which breaks said tests).

So, should we:

  1. Change the pluralization tests to allow more keys in the yml (few for example)
  2. Change how I18nInterpolationKeysFinder functions, to allow variables (%{count} in this case) for TranslationOverrides when the pluralization is something different from one or other?

The problem is this piece of code:

It fails to find the original text because a pluralized key ending with .few doesn’t exist in English. The solution is to check if the key is part of a pluralized string. If translation_key ends with a plural key not supported by English (/(.*)\.(zero|two|few|many)$/) then replace that key with other and use it to look up the original English text.


This PR was merged in, and fixed both issues described above:

  1. Translations are now saving/updating correctly.
  2. Translations with “few” no longer displaying “invalid interpolation key(s)”.

Hi there, I had created a post about this, but it seems to be the same issue. Copying here:

Attempting to edit changed Discobot text isn’t working. Here’s the page on the search:

When I click the edit button, it shows me an empty text box instead of the expected existing text to be edited:

This shows on all three customized boxes. In all three cases, the only changes made are slight text and formatting modifications. No fancy script.

The message itself seems to be running fine.


This has been fixed in the latest Discourse code. We’ll need to update your site so that it’s running the latest code. We’ll get that done right away for you.


Perfect, thank you @Simon_Cossar.