Changing the subject list from a drop down to a static list


I’m trying to set up a forum- it’s all installed great, but I wanted the list of subjects to go as a static list/table (something like the attached image), instead of the current presentation (ie- subjects in a drop down menu, and the most recent posts in a list below)
Is there a way to do this?

Thanks! :0)

(Nathaniel Mattocks) #2

That looks… Different… Do you have many plugins?


thanks! no, I don’t…

(Stefano Costa) #4

Hello! I think you’re looking for “categories as homepage”.

(Régis Hanol) #5

Pretty sure that’s not a screenshot of a Discourse instance :wink: (my guess would be Vanilla)

(Mittineague) #6

That’s a Vanilla Forums page.

Hi ShiriBiri, welcome

I don’t know what you mean by “static”. To me that means “not dynamic content” (i.e. changes to the page need to be uploaded) Maybe you mean only updated when the page is freshly visited?

AFAIK Discourse does not show post excerpts except for Pinned topics, so that might be a concern for you.
But the general style might be fairly easy otherwise.

Sorry again, I’m a bit confused. Which page, Latest, Categories?
Which drop-down are you referring to?


Thanks @Mittineague!
I’m attaching a screen grab from the current way the forum is set- as you can see, there is a “categories” drop down menu, where all the categories are.

I wanted these categories to NOT be in a drop-down menu format, but to be static and so that people can choose from the list of the categories, click it, get into the category and publish a new thread within that category.

hope that’s clearer? :0)

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #8

As @steko said, you seem to be looking for this:

That would look something like this (example of category view here on Meta):


@steko @jomaxro It worked!!! for some reason it didn’t before, now it does. REALLY appreciate it!

(Nathaniel Mattocks) #10

That’s great! Problem solved?


@Nathaniel_Mattocks yes! :slight_smile: I’m so happy, you guys are awesome. THANK YOU!!

(Mittineague) #12

So the Latest page, but with the Category list as a type of “navigation header” instead of the drop-down?

I guess that could work as long as there are few categories. Else it would take up a lot of screen real estate.

I just tried a few CSS tweaks, but didn’t have any luck.
I think the template file would need to be over-ridden for it to have a different layout.

(Nathaniel Mattocks) #13

Also out of curiosity, what forums are those? Unless I missed something…


Thanks @Mittineague, I believe it is now solved :slight_smile:


@Nathaniel_Mattocks health and lifestyle.

(Nathaniel Mattocks) #16

Again, out of curiosity, what is the link? I like looking around Discourse forums, normally better than other ones that I have used! :wink:


it’s still in beta so not live yet :wink: I’ll come back with a link once we’re live!

(Nathaniel Mattocks) #18

Yeah, sounds good! PM any of us on the forums if you want more help or just make a public topic now you know who is here! :wink:


Will do. This is definitely one of the most helpful and friendliest forums online.
Once again, many many thanks- you guys are really awesome !! :sun_with_face:

(Nathaniel Mattocks) #20

Well, it is the Discourse official forums, so it is bound to be great! :wink: