Changing topic category shouldn't update the Last Activity

I recently created a new category and moving existing topics to that category will bump them to the first page (since they have the last activity changed). The problem is that there are discussion started (and concluded) few years ago, and bumping them doesn’t provide any value.

I know that i can change the date, but I have around 100 topics and editing every single one is a tedious job…

Besides that, changing category isn’t a really an „activity” that is interesting for an user, no?



Maybe you could suppress that category from the homepage for a while (as a hack).

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The topics that you changed the category of, do they all have no replies? Changing the category should only bump the activity date if there are no replies.


Yup, they have zero replies.

OK, not a bug then - that’s expected behavior. Changing the category is just like editing the content, hence the bump.

In the future, to modify categories without bumping activity if there are no replies, use the bulk topic tool. Click image in the top left corner of the topics view, select the topics you wish to re-categorize, and then click the admin wrench.


Yeah, but that will open another can of worms! :smiley: