Characters retrieved from RSS feed converted to unicode

(Eduardo) #1


While testing the embedding feature it turns out that special characters such as accentuated vocals and apostrophe are shown as unicode code in the post’ titles.

For example the title “Buscan ONG’s alertar sobre FRACKING en Chihuahua” feeded from the rss file is shown as “Buscan ONG’s alertar sobre FRACKING en Chihuahua” in my discourse instance: [DEAD LINK] hxxp://

I tried including unicode code in the rss feed hoping that discourse would convert it to regular characters -but that didn’t work.

Any ideas to fix it?

(Bertrand Soulier) #2


did you find a fix to this problem ? I have the same and use Spip to


(Kane York) #3

I can’t tell quite what the issue is, as the link in the OP is dead (GoDaddy /parked page) and the text looks the same both times in the OP. Can you post screenshots or something?

(Bertrand Soulier) #4

Hi @riking. I import post from my rss feed but accent are shown as unicode in title. But the text in post is good.

the links :
in discourse :
in my site : Régionales en Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes : Le MoDem juge l'UMP incompatible avec ses valeurs - Cyberbougnat - Clermont-Ferrand

Thanks for your help