Chat Integration leaks Babble chats


I have both Babble and the Chat Integrations plugins installed. When I created a Babble chat for the Staff group and sent a test message, the Chat Integrations plugin passed it on to the Matrix channel. I’m not sure if this is an issue with the way Babble associates the chat with a group/category or Chat Integration’s parsing of posts/rules.

(David Taylor) #2

You can restrict what gets posted by the chat integration plugin by changing the discourse username setting to a user without admin access:


I’ll change it to a different user and test with a non-privileged group to see if the behavior is consistent.


As a TL3 user, the bot posts messages sent to a category chat. IMO, it should ignore Babble chats or there should be a setting to determine whether it relays the messages in a chat or not.

(David Taylor) #5

I’m not sure exactly how babble works, I believe it piggybacks on the discourse topic/category system in some way.

Maybe babble’s hidden category can be “muted” in a chat-integration rule?

Are category chats actually secured based on the permissions of the category?

These might be questions for @gdpelican ?


One would assume so. It appears from the bot’s output that it is a special post type in the category. You wouldn’t want regular users being able to see a chat associated with the Staff category, for example.

A rule category for Babble would probably be the most elegant solution, since some people may want to post Babble chats to their 3rd party chat services.

(James Kiesel) #7

Babble has its own topic archetype for chats; I’d recommend only sending out messages with the ‘regular’ archetype in the chat integration, or making this configurable in some way.