Hello Community!

I see a lot of chat-integrations available,

I’m hoping to get some feedback from users on what ones are great,
I need a great one, one that can handle some traffic

and, could any be placed in a post,

i.e. could this post “host” the plug in, or will they all require a side box?

Thanks to anyone that can help


It might be helpful for you to list the ones you’re considering - the official “discourse-chat-integration” plugin does not allow embedding chats inside discourse. Instead, it sends notifications from Discourse to an external chat system.


The official is what I have,

  • Enable the discourse-chat-integration plugin

but there are a lot under it:

  • Enable the slack chat-integration provider
  • Enable the Telegram chat-integration provider
  • Enable the Discord chat-integration provider
  • Enable the Hipchat chat-integration provider
  • Enable the Mattermost chat-integration provider
  • Enable the Matrix chat integration provider
  • Enable the Zulip chat integration provider

With webhooks and other things that look like work to set up, so I hoping for some
good advice on which one is worthwhile,

They are all separate, correct?

Thanks you for the reply


You can find instructions for all of them here:


I’m looking to run a chat for an hour each day to run concurrent with an online call in show,

are any of those recommended/able to accomplish this?

The idea, people listen to the show, chat about it on our site, preferably in a designated sub category.

Much like youtubes live chat feature.