Chat Theme issue

After new update to 2.8.0.beta4

Im having issues with the chat the dark theme doesnt seem to affect the chat as its showing in a White theme now, i have tried everything and cant seem to put back the chat in dark theme. Anyway to sort the chat back to dark theme.

Hey Richard I’m a bit confused could you elaborate what you mean by ‘chat dark theme’?

Thanks :wink:

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The babble Shoutbox plugin for Discourse, been using it for sometime with the dark theme but now after update it doesnt seem to match the dark theme. its showing white instead of dark theme.

(GitHub - gdpelican/babble: Discourse Shoutbox plugin)

Babble is no longer maintained


any other chat plugin to use?

No, not at the moment. We’re working on an official chat integration, but it’s very early on and we don’t have an estimated date for release yet.

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