Chatroom Integration - Legacy replies

(David Taylor) #91

You need to click the “create channel” button to get started.

We could probably add some kind of UI when there are no channels, to make this clear.


(Richard Foxworthy) #92

Thanks David - I got it working at last.

Yes some refinement to UI could be helpful, but maybe its just me who can’t figure these things out!


(Ben Edwards) #93

I’m getting a 404_client_error when I attempt to post from my Slack Org using the Chat Plugin. Probably a config issue on my end. Where can I get help on this?

Edit: actually all slash commands are not working so this is definitely in the config.


(Dawid Nawrot) #94

Is it actually possible to manage the Discourse conversations through Slack? For example you see notifications for posts but can you act on it/moderate?


(David Taylor) #95

No you can’t, it is simply a link and an excerpt of the post content.


(Luke Spragg) #96

Would it be possible to add support for including ALL subcategories under a category? I have an install that has hundreds of subcategories with new ones added daily, but no notifications are sent unless I add every one of those categories as a rule.


Chatroom Integration Plugin (discourse-chat-integration)
(Jay Pfaffman) #97

You should read It's Time We Talked About Tags


(Luke Spragg) #98

I’ve read that, and decided to go with subcategories. :wink:

I’m using subcategories for a specific purpose, otherwise I would have stuck with tags.

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(Jay Pfaffman) #99

What I’d likely do is create an API script to add the categories and set the notifications, unless your feature gets added


(Puguji) #100

Does login and authentication are shared between discourse and the chat ?

For example if I login into discourse then go to I am automatically logged into with the same account ( ~ same username and profile picture )?


(David Taylor) #101

No, this plugin does not handle authentication between systems.

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(Puguji) #102

Do you have any thought on feasibility of this project by using a third party SSO who log into discourse and then to the chat ? ( eg. with auth. API )
How about without third party ?


(RK) #103

Is it possible to send the notifs to Slack private channels?


(Matthias Schuster) #104

Thanks a lot for this plugin, very useful :smiley:

Do you consider merging the documentation of the deprecated Slack plugin into this one here?

Since I guess posting from Discourse into Slack is still possible, while it does not appear here in your initial post as so?


(David Taylor) #105

Slack-specific documentation is available here: Set up Slack notifications using the discourse-chat-integration plugin - all of the specific documentations are linked in the first post here.


(Sora &\) #106

Can we sync chat group telegram to a post of Discourse?
I wanna save and follow everything of chat to discourse. thank!
In the present, we only save content chat when reply comment, i wanna save all message to a post
Example: “Chat room” topic


(David Taylor) #107

This is not currently possible. It’s a nice idea, but would probably fit better as its own plugin.

This plugin does not do that. You might be thinking of the discourse-telegram-notifications plugin (which I strongly recommend against using in a telegram group chat). Telegram Notifications Plugin (discourse-telegram-notifications)

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Hey David. What kind of functionalities are with this for Matrix? Would additional work need to be done on the matrix server or just to room? Im guessing this would notify matrix room of a new post on the site?


(David Taylor) #109

Hi Garrick. No changes are required on the matrix server, you would just need to create a new user on the Matrix server, and acquire an authentication token. Full instructions (for are available here: Set up Matrix ( notifications using the discourse-chat-integration plugin

Yes, exactly

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(Sora &\) #110

How many donate to development this plugin, Sync chat telegram to a topic default?
Thank you!