Check post i've replied to has somewhat bad ux


(please correct the wrong terms that i used)

  1. i read a post which replies to some other post
  2. i click on the (button which has no tooltip or explanation) to see to which post this reply was made
  3. [bad ux 1]: i have to move my mouse to the left of the “replied to” post, to close this preview (i didn’t need to read it coz i remember it, but i needed the context). I think the close preview should be exactly under my mouse.
  4. [bad ux 2]: the scroll position is moved: the post i clicked is now moved from the middle of the screen to the top.

This is especially weird compared to how quoting preview works:

  1. i can click anywhere on the title to open close (toggle) the original post, not only on that little arrow on the right
  2. scroll position is not moved
  3. the close preview arrow remains on the right side of the screen, so i need not move the mouse

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