Checkbox to sign up to mailing list as part of sign up

(nigelb) #1

I’m looking for a plugin that will allow a new user to sign up to a mailing list as part of their sign up process. I discussions elsewhere about something like this, but no one seems to have built it.

I’m probably going to give a shot at building it. Does anyone have pointers/gotcha’s on how to go about this?

Integrating aweber newsletter signup with forum registration
(Michael Downey) #2

It’s highly dependent on which mailing list software one is using. They each have their own APIs and other interfaces for subscription.

(nigelb) #3

In this instance, I’m looking for mailchimp, I’m more curious about how to hook in a config than how to do the communication with mailchimp.

(Matthias) #4

Is there a solution yet? I would think that it is pretty common to have a “subscribe to our newsletter” checkbox during signup. If this is to complicated, maybe I could at least a custom Mailchimp form (with just the email field) to the discourse signup? Please help.