Checking links during the topic creation

(Ronteras) #1

Wouldn’t it be handy if discourse will have the feature that will check the submitted link during the topic creation and will notify the author before he/she hits “create topic” that this link already exists in somewhere, in order to avoid similar topics?

"Your topic is similar to" for hyperlinks
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(Jeff Atwood) #2

Interesting idea – we certainly track all links in a topic and aggregate them. So what are you proposing?

  1. warn users creating new topics that another topic exists with that link anywhere? just in the first post?

  2. warn users creating new replies that another post in the same topic already contains that link?

I think #2 is much safer and probably of more immediate benefit, but they are both interesting. Great idea!

(Ronteras) #3

Yes option 1. That might be helpful to avoid similar topics and redirect potential contributors to the relevant topic that exists somewhere, maybe buried deep down there.

Option 2 is bit tricky because replies with similar urls might exist in different categories for different purposes, like tech/medical, or automobile dealer/ financial etc etc. But if there will be an elegant way to show it to the user, that would be great.

I understand that this is a luxury problem :smiley: . Forums with hundreds of active users and thousands of topics, but better to have it now.

(Dave McClure) #4

Option 1 feels like a new version of the existing ‘Your topic is similar to…’ feature. In addition to checking the title field after it loses focus, discourse could periodically check the content of the post, and URLs would be a good thing to include in that check (and probably easier than other stuff).

I imagine a slightly less loud ‘Your topic is similar to…’ box that stays open while the composer is open, updating along the way.

Waiting til the ‘Create Topic’ button is clicked feels like it might be too late because that’s after I’ve written my paragraphs, and carefully worded my sentences, etc. Perhaps making it dynamic would be too distracting though and late is better than never…

Option 2 is also good though, and I don’t see it as being problematic. As proposed, it would only check for similar URLs in the same topic.

(Grif Peterson) #5

Was just redirected here for bringing up the same topic and am curious if any headway has been made here. From the perspective of running an online course, option #2 seems like a no-brainer (a notification along the lines of ‘your topic is similar to’ would suffice, I imagine), but option #1 is potentially even more interesting.

One thing we’ve discussed would be the usefulness of a ‘Resources’ category that could aggregate all the links included in a topic or community at large (or at least the option to re-post link in a Resources category). I’m not sure if this has much practical application outside of online courses, but if so it’s something we could try and move forward on.