Checklist: A simple markdownified checkbox-plugin with inline-updating

(Benjamin Kampmann) #1

Hey folks,

I’m glad to share with you my new Checklist plugin.

Essentially it adds a markdown dialect to render [] and [*] into pretty checkboxes. See this preview screenshot:

On top, if the user has the rights to edit the post and such checkboxes are found, the user can toggle them by clicking them. For more details, please check the project Readme.



Just updated to a new version. See changelog:

  • switching to font-awesome based rendering
  • adding the new [_] option
  • adding doc reference to shared-edits plugin
  • fix issue when that updating after [x] or [-] wasn’t possible
  • this unfortunately is backwards incompatible, if checkboxes don’t show up anymore, you need to re-save them to the database.

Creating a Task List plugin
(Jeff Atwood) #2

This is fantastic, for background we had a “todo” topic archetype in the original release of Discourse (along with “poll” archetype) but dropped it so we could focus on the core discussion topics first.

Good to see todo coming back, and I like your approach here. Simple, clean, makes sense.

(Dave McClure) #3

:thumbsup: and the syntax reminds me of the markup used in [balsmiq mockups] (

(Benjamin Kampmann) #4

Thanks. Glad you like it. And thanks for the background information, I’ve been wondering what the “archetype” thing is about I read in the code here and there…

yes, I think I also though it at some point as an markdown extension somewhere already – even in github wiki pages (unfortunately can’t find it atm) - and found it as simple as useful.

The only thing I am wondering right now, is whether you could somehow allow other specific users (or groups) to also edit the post so also other people can check checkboxes of a post. Then you’d some really simple and easy shared todo-list for organisation…

(Bill Ayakatubby) #5

Have you encountered the dreaded “body too similar” message while ticking or unticking boxes? If so, how did you work around it?

(Dave McClure) #6

How does the Poll plugin handle that?

(Benjamin Kampmann) #7

I did not encounter this problem while developing, but now that you brought it up, turns out a normal user does have that problem – especially if you check and directly uncheck something. Would you be so kind a post a bug-report on the github ticket system so I don’t forget about it?

but actually, @codinghorror, does it make sense to make this check for a new version of an edit in the first place?

(Benjamin Kampmann) #8

It uses the internal plugin-store to store this information, which is external from the post. It isn’t actually on the post itself and as such doesn’t edit the post. Which for that case I consider fine – votes shouldn’t temper with the post/don’t change the post’s content – but in this case, I actually want to edit the real post and more over keep the history of who did it.

(Benjamin Kampmann) #9

@BhaelOchon, I have made a pull-request fixing that issue in discourse: Be more liberal when users wants to change their own body to a previous version by gnunicorn · Pull Request #2072 · discourse/discourse · GitHub

(Benjamin Kampmann) #10

I upgraded the plugin using font-awesome. Updated the top post accordingly.

(Admir Hodzic) #11

I really love this plug, in conjunction with WIKI functionality it turns discourse to whole new level of collaboration.

How hard will be to implement any input type on this way ? So we can have numbers and texts easily editable to all users. Imagine how nice would be if users cloud beside TRUE / FALSE edits numbers like this or text. Even tables ?

(Admir Hodzic) #12

Looks like we are broken with latest versions.
My production forom is at and it is custom (bitnami) install, I did earlyer have working this plugin.
Now it is gone. When I open earlier added checkboxes topic show but if I click on any they are gone.

I also have dev version using docker official instal at version and there I added inside app.yml

- git clone

But also there I cant make checkbox .

@lightyear may you please try to fix it please.
I really love using checkboxes

(Benjamin Kampmann) #13

Would you have a more specific report about this? What is broken? Do you get any error messages? Maybe some screenshots of what is broken?

(Admir Hodzic) #14

Old geneated CheckBox list

This is what Happen when I click on any

(Admir Hodzic) #15

When I try to generat new ones I just do not get anything

This is how raw post looks like

(Admir Hodzic) #16

Google chrome’s console also Firefox’s console do not catch any errors

(Benjamin Kampmann) #17

Thank @adopilot. Sounds to me like this change of blocking more span-classes might cause this. This sounds like a potential solution. Will investigate.

(Benjamin Kampmann) #18

Yes, looks like it was a whitelisting issue. @adopilot can you confirm the latest version works for you, too?

(Admir Hodzic) #19

Doker install working, as charm. Thanx on great plugin

(Tobias Eigen) #20

@lightyear loving this plugin which I just enabled. Nicely done! Suggest changing the install instructions at…

… to reflect the simpler docker method, which just involves adding the git pull command to /var/discourse/containers/app.yml.