Checklist Plugin - Interactive Checkboxes made Simple


(cpradio) #73

You simply add a clients.en.yml, and then implement something similar to this line in this plugin

It isn’t very difficult.

(cpradio) #74

I created the PR

(Anton) #77

Feature Request: let the plugin add a search filter to find messages with checked / unchecked items.

(Joffrey Jaffeux) #78

I assume you mean a global mode, not a per user mode?

(Anton) #79

What is a per-user mode?

(Sam Saffron) #80

Hi means, should I be able to search for all my posts with checklists. But, I guess if we add this then user:sam with:checklist would cut it.

(Anton) #81

The only thing is, with:checklist is good, but would be even more useful to be able find all posts with at least one unchecked item in the checklist.

(Markus) #82

Hello guys!
Someone recently changed the styling of the check boxes. I don’t like the new “edgy ones” ,

I’d like to change this back with rounded corners. How can I do this? Maybe some setting would be great for individual preferences …

Thanks in advance!

(cpradio) #83

It is likely a result of the Font Awesome 5 upgrade, there might not be an option to go to rounded corners

Hmm… it seems on their site the corners are rounded though…

(Jeff Atwood) #84

Since everything is now a packaged SVG rather than a whole monolithic font, it is technically easier to replace individual glyphs.

This was a truly painful change, for the record, but worth it long term without a doubt. Thanks @pmusaraj for herding it through :bowing_man:

(cpradio) #85

Oh I see, it actually is rounded but due to the small size, the rounding is negligible. Whereas before the rounding radius was larger in Font Awesome and more noticable at its small size.

So it seems this is 100% intended from FA5

On the page I linked, you can see a small version of the checkbox that looks like it has square edges, but if you zoom in, you can clearly see it is indeed rounded.

(Sam Saffron) #86

:clap: yes so much this, @pmusaraj yesterday started introducing a pattern for adding SVGs which is why our expand icons looks so much nicer now. I think it would be super nice to demo how to create a theme component that replaces an icon.

I do not support changing anything specific with this plugin, but a theme component should be allowed to do this cleanly.

(Markus) #87

Unfortunately, the size of the new check box style seems to be higher. Therefore check boxes inside tables are affecting on how cells will look like. Some rows are higher than others with text only.

(Sam Saffron) #88
test test col
thing thing 2 thing
thing 2 thing thing 2
thing 2 thing thing 2

VS previous:


I am not seeing anything too problematic with the new rendering.

(Markus) #89

Interestingly, in your example everything looks good.

But have a look at tables with less checkboxes:

test test col
thing thing 2 thing
thing 2 thing thing 2
thing 2 thing thing 2



Using Font Awesome svg introduced the coloring problem: FA as a font inherited theme defined font color inside the message body whereas svg does not:

  • Light theme
  • Dark theme



(Joe) #93

Should be fixed via


Thanks for reporting the issue @md-misko :+1:


It works! Thank you for fixing it so fast :sparkling_heart:

(Stephen) #95

Since upgrading my discourse install from from_version: a35e8d7 to the latest(as of the time of this message), this plugin seems to have stopped working.
The text seems to being parsed because when the checkbox characters are written in the post editor, nothing appears where the checkbox normally appeared in the final message(or preview).
I am using discourse-checklist version 0.4.1

(Sam Saffron) #96

Are you on stable discourse ? If that is the case I recommend switching to beta