Choose with 2 droplist : 1st categorie then 2nd categorie instead everything with 1

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Perhaps it was in older version but I wish offer possibilities to choose category in a second dropdown filter by the first list with main category ?
It’s for a lighter category menu :smile:

Thanks for your help

(Wes Osborn) #2

Are you referring to this?

Main category Polaris, then you see the sub-category list

If so, you set that up using this up by associating categories with a parent category:

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Thanks for your answer, I wish exactly that but when you open a new thread choose a parent category and the a child category.
In new topic, it’s only on dropmenu with all possibilites

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Yeah, to conserve space we avoid a second dropdown, I can see this possibly being configurable for sites with huge numbers of categories, Eg:

Country: Australia
State: New South Wales

Some types of categorisations do work significantly better with 2 drop downs, but you need tons of categories to justify this. (which comes with its own problems)

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I mention the multiple combo box option for category selection in this UX post:

In this topic:

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It’s for a GIS forum so I’ve got to setup big family in first level as GIS software Desktop / Spatial Data / Webmapping client / Webmapping server … in second level, i’ve got to setup all api, software and application available in this family.
I can imagine that m’y user want to setup first level and only choose between same thematic which is not anymore possible with this new way.

For my huge subcategories is not a probel as user can filter in first. I’me not shure he think about search with autocomplete search box.