"Chosen" update for RTL support

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Hi again,

I was working on RTL layout for discourse and i found that if you modify css to have a rtl layout you will face a problem and that is drop down menus, i found that discourse is using “Chosen” from harvest to manage those menus and there is a simple problem with current Chosen which you can read about it here : Fix chosen.jquery.js in-script CSS when the control is used in RTL state by ido-ran · Pull Request #1096 · harvesthq/chosen · GitHub

The problem is solved in newer versions of chosen and also in previous versions styles were hard coded in javascript files but now they are all in css files and gives designers better control.

More info
look at the external js at app/assets/javascripts/external/chosen.jquery.js and you will see styles defining position to be positioned at -9000px are hard coded in that js but for RTL drop downs to work this needs to be changed to 9000px according to github pull i mentioned above. in recent version of chosen (1.0 instead of 0.9.8) this is solved and there is no style hard coded in js.

Sorry but i’m not very familiar with github so i don’t know if these requests can be made there or not but i’m trying to learn it.

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We no longer use Chosen.

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