Chrome Mobile / ChromeOS crashing on load

(MacDara Roche) #1

Hi Guys!

I have a Discourse installation up and running HERE - we’ve had a few reports (and I’ve confirmed them with my own testing) that our site crashes with the good old “Aw snap!” error on Chrome on Android, ChromeOS and probably iOS as well.

EDIT: For clarity, it’s a self hosted installation.

I’ve tried disabling custom plugins and the custom javascript I had installed and clearing the cache after each change, nothing seems to have worked so far.

Has anyone had this issue before? I couldn’t find any reference to it by searching the forum.


(MacDara Roche) #2

Some more testing has revealed that it also doesn’t happen in Incognito mode.


any particular area in which it happens or when doing certain things?

Any thing in your error logs?

(MacDara Roche) #4

I’m currently rebuilding the app so I’ll see after that if anything has changed.

Generally it’s any page that causes the crash. As I noted above, it doesn’t happen in incognito mode. I’ll check through error logs properly once I’ve finished my rebuild.

(MacDara Roche) #5

I can’t see anything relevant in the error logs, and rebuilding the app without any plugins hasn’t fixed the issue.


I am getting the same issue on your site in chrome on android but not too sure whats causing it. Did you say you had tried reverting all customisation JS, CSS etc?

(MacDara Roche) #7

Yep, all custom CSS /JavaScript in the base theme has been reverted. I highly doubt it could be related to the colour scheme modifications, and there’s still nothing in the error logs.