Chrome stable required for Android app?

I have downloaded several Chrome stable releases but still get the same error.

Is a Google account required to use the Discourse app?

Or can anyone provide a non-googleplay link to a chrome release that will work?

here is an alternative website to download the APK for chrome.

Thanks that’s what I’ve been using.

As an update: I’ve successfully installed it on a stock Samsung S5 Neo without a Google account.

It still won’t work with Android 5 and an updated stable chrome release.

That site lists 100s of versions.
Can you link to a version that will definitely work?

Thanks for the super prompt response btw

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The most recent one which supports your OS version (check APK description) should work just fine.

Yes, Chrome stable is required. There’s already a topic about this.




I know but what does that mean?

I’ve got chrome stable as far as I know and it still doesn’t work?

What is chrome stable? And what is the exact version number or a direct download link (not Google Play)?

That’s the thing it just doesn’t and I’ve tried several versions including those said to be stable.