Civil Discourse, How about Civil Moderation?

(Brandon Rampersad) #1

One of the major features lacking in other forum software is transparency in moderation such as why a thread was closed, a user banned or some other form of moderator action. I can’t tell how many times i log in to see no indication that one of my thread was closed/moved without a reason and no way to follow up on the act. I propose a moderation system that alerts a user when a moderation action was performed and a way to follow up on it. This could save confusion/anger and maybe even provide a path to a solution.

Any ideas welcomed.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

This already exists in discourse.

Topic level Mod actions insert blue moderator messages in the stream. You can easily flag these messages or reply as new topic to them. I will close and re open your topic so you can see what I mean.

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(Brentley Jones) #5

Are there notifications when these actions happen? I remember reading someone say that they weren’t notified when their post was moved out of one topic into another. I think it would be neat to be notified when actions like this (ones that disrupt the flow) are performed on something you made (post or topic).

(Brandon Rampersad) #6

I saw the alert but it seems like just a regular reply. It wasn’t indicative that something authoritative occurred. maybe change the bg color or something in the notice and change the caption on the image from “reply” to “Action taken” or something.

(Lee Dohm) #7

I’m ok with notifications on topics that a user started, but one of the things that was mentioned was notifications of bans. I think that’s a bit of overkill.

My feelings on these ideas are this:

  • If the moderators are excessive in their use of the thread close button, ban hammer or other punitive measure then there is essentially nothing a user can do about that other than take their traffic elsewhere. Negotiating with such a person generally leads nowhere.
  • If the moderators are not excessive, they give proper warnings and make the rules clear, then why are these features necessary?
  • If the user is the problem and not the moderator … why would the moderator want to entertain their feedback or questions after a punitive measure is taken?

Also, I feel that “moving” of a topic is not an issue in Discourse since categories are not the walled gardens that separate forums are in other discussion systems.

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(Jeff Atwood) #9

You are notified of these admin replies just like regular replies, as the topic owner.