Clarification of Edit Heat

(Mittineague) #1

We’ve been tweaking our Edit Time Window in hopes of finding a balance between convenience for members and problems for Moderators.

While discussing, the topic of the “sequential replies” and “dominating topic” modals came up.
@jasmine also tweaked the “history hours”, i.e. edit pencil heat, settings and it seemed they didn’t do what I thought they did.

i.e. going by

it seemed the settings were
"edited soon after posting = low, edit done later after posting = high"

What I had thought, and from what my checking supports, is that
"low = greater time after edit, high = shorter time after edit"

That is, the heat starts off Hot and cools down
As said, I confirmed this by looking at the link class and an edit 7 minutes after the post was made it was “heatmap-high”

Am I missing something here, faulty logic, or maybe the option copy is not what I think it means?

(Jasmine) #2

Thanks for posting this @Mittineague, it’s quite confusing to me as well. Like you said, it doesn’t seem to do what we think it did.

In light of this it would be great if we could have another option clarified as well, “topic views heat”. Thanks :slight_smile:

(Kane York) #3

Oh! So that’s what’s wrong with it! I could always tell it wasn’t quite right when I would make an edit and it would be grey right away…