Clarity on flag responses

Hi there,

Just looking for some guidance on best practice for responding to moderation flags.

This moderation guide has been a great resource:

But some more info would be great. We have three options for replying to flags: Agree, Disagree, and Ignore (previously Defer)

‘Agree’ seems clear enough. We accept the flag and take one of the suggested actions.

‘Disagree’ and ‘Ignore’ seem a bit unclear. If the flag isn’t appropriate, we should pick ‘Disagree’ to “remove any flags from this post”. But “ignore” seems to also “remove this flag” so what’s the difference?

The guide above says:

Disagreeing with the flag says that the post is not an issue, and there is nothing to do. Defer means the flag doesn’t need further action. For example, a user might flag their own post if they need help with something. You would then defer the flag so it doesn’t hurt their trust level.

Disagreeing with the flag would also not hurt the user’s TL right? I feel like maybe I’m missing something here.

We also plan to add some sort of “punishment” to users who frequently cast flags that staff disagrees with.


You’re not missing anything. At the moment there’s no difference between disagree and ignore. As @Falco said we have future plans to have disagree flags effect users, perhaps by limiting how much they can flag, or possibly even by effecting their trust level.