Clicking New (x) moves New (temporarily) to unread

(PJH) #1

Currently running b9a9fb5. Noticed this at work today, reproducable at home:

Unread tab with New (4)Unread (5):

Clicking New (4) produces NewUnread (9), no new posts

Ctrl+F5, shows new posts, counters restored to normal:

(Jeff Atwood) #2

No repro – if I click the new tab on the live site, I get the (currently 16) new topics only as expected.

(Sam Saffron) #3

Is this still happening, if so I will impersonate you and have a quick look

(PJH) #4

Go ahead - I’m replying to the postgres stuff on here.

(Sam Saffron) #5

I just backed it up will have a look on the backup later today.

(PJH) #6


Backed what up? :slight_smile:

… slight problem at the moment though - there actually are no new topics for me at the moment :-x … impersonation won’t get you very much until someone starts a new topic…

(Sam Saffron) #7

I backed up TDWTF and will download a backup a bit later :slight_smile: so I can repro it all locally.

(PJH) #8

@Sam, Since you don’t actually have to read any topics as me to repro, simply look at the unread/new lists, I don’t think there’d be a problem impersonating on the live site to see the issue…

Just created a new topic using a sock’.

  1. Login to your account - What the Daily WTF?
  2. Ctrl-shift-F5 just for giggles Edit: This actually appears to be a pre-requisite for invoking the behaviour seen, having checked it after upgrading to d03e811.
  3. Note a number after New, click New
  4. Number goes from New (this time it didn’t transfer over to Unread), ‘No Topics’ page displayed
  5. Ctrl-Shift-F5 shows New X and topics are listed.

Feel free to do it now if you’re not busy…

Edit: Step 2, as indicated.

(Sam Saffron) #9

@eviltrout can you have a look at this, been swamped today fixing up shutdown sequencing in our docker image

(Jeff Atwood) #10

Interesting, it seems to be keyed on starting from a new browser that opens /unread first. I don’t think it’s tied to refresh, just do this:

  1. open a new browser window.
  2. go to /unread url in that new browser window (paste URL in address bar)
  3. click on new

that causes it every time for me, much simpler repro than what you describe.

(PJH) #11

@eviltrout, I’ll be leaving my sock’s New Topic as unread to help with repro under impersonation if you need it.

PM me over there if you’re having repro trouble; I’ll be available until around 1500UTC today.

Seems @codinghorror has a reliable repro.

(Robin Ward) #12

Thanks for the huge effort. It was easy to fix with all this info guys!

(Régis Hanol) #13