Clicking on links is occasionally doing nothing for me

(Thomas O'H) #1

What the title said. I’m on Firefox. I seem to have to right-click and open a new link. I normally do that anyway so it wasn’t much of a bother but I thought I’d mention it as it has happened for me consistently. Click a link and nothing happens. Or I go to a blank page.

(Mosquito) #2

Is it when clicking the link or middle clicking the link to open in a new tab? Firefox blocks a popup/new tab for me if I click a link within a topic, but works fine if I’m on the topic list.

(Jeff Atwood) #3

Left clicking or middle clicking? Can you be more specific please?

(Thomas O'H) #4

Yes sir, left-clicking.

I noticed it specifically at the end of this thread: Now testing: mobile (small screen) layouts on key pages

There is a link for an image and the Google Play store in one of the very last replies to that thread. I can click the image and it pops up, but if I left-click the Google Play link, it just goes to a blank page. But just above that reply there is another reply with a link for Modernizer that I was able to click through and view just fine.

I have experienced the same blank page after clicking a couple times before but the above is the only I can recall specifically. Hope that somehow/somewhat helps.

(Jeff Atwood) #5

Yes, I see that too – the link inside the quote gets stuck on the click tracking. @eviltrout can we get to that by Friday?

Link inside the quote gets stuck on the click tracking (regression?)
(Robin Ward) #6

I fixed this last week and forgot to update this topic. Sorry, it should work now!

(Jeff Atwood) #7