Clicking on Logo gives error here on meta

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Clicking on Logo gives error here on meta

Uncaught TypeError: Object [object Object] has no method 'refresh'

May be the error says it all? hope it renew the page if there is new/updated posts.

Regression - can't click logo to refresh Latest
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Note that it appears to work just fine on some pages, but not on others (at least in my testing).


  • Topic pages
  • Category pages, including “New”, “Unread”, “Favorites”, etc.
  • User Profile pages

Doesn’t Work:

  • AFAICT, the only page that has this problem is the “Home” - i.e. “Latest” - page.

I traced the problem to this code, which is supposed to handle the exact case of refreshing the root page:

However, the list_controller#reset function was removed in:

However, I could not find any comments or issue tracking that discuss what is going on here and why this function was removed.

@zogstrip - comments?

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That’s because I’m dumb :innocent:

I’ve fixed it and also added a test to make sure it does not regress again.

Thanks for investigating :wink:

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