Clicking the “tab” buttons should refresh the contents

(Patrick Westerhoff) #1

So, I’m within the “Unread” tab at the top to keep track of what happens to the threads I was looking at. After going through all the threads, I want to refresh the list to see if anything new happened.

I would expect the list to refresh if I click the “Unread” tab again, but nothing happened. Instead I had to actually refresh my browser. Could you change the behaviour to just update the list when clicking the buttons again?

(hamburglar) #2

I get the impression that we’re supposed to rid ourselves of the compulsion to hit reload while using the forum. It’s a whole new world! Stuff just updates!

(Patrick Westerhoff) #3

Well, it didn’t :stuck_out_tongue: – I opened the questions in tab and read them there; and I had to refresh for them to disappear from the list in the original tab after reading them.

(hamburglar) #4

Yeah, I see that now. Well I think that is the bug, then. :smile:

(Peter Stoinov) #5


(Jeff Atwood) #6

Yes, live updating of the topic list – beyond inserting new topic in the stream – got pushed back.

We do want to eventually get back to this, but it was not a priority for launch.

I like your idea of clicking the tab to refresh, though I don’t feel it is essential, might be an easy workaround for now.

(Jeff Atwood) #7

This was finally implemented. Clicking / tapping the tabs will refresh the view.

(Jeff Atwood) #8