Clicking to refresh topics puts them above pinned topics

(Luke Granger Brown) #1

I’m going to kick this over to ux since I don’t know if this is intended.

It bugs me that it doesn’t appear in the same place if you reload the page vs. if you click the notification banner, but equally it might be surprising if you click a banner and then a new row appears elsewhere on the page

I just noticed this on meta because of the S3 warning and welcome topics being pinned.

Possible solutions:

  • leave as is
  • move “new topics” banner under pinned topics to where new topics will appear
  • leave new topics banner where it is and just make sure that new topics are put in the location that they will appear if the page is refreshed

(Dave McClure) #2

there’s a topic discussing that behavior here:

(Luke Granger Brown) #3

Ack, didn’t spot that because it was phrased the other way around (and, in fairness, neither did suggested topics)

(Jeff Atwood) #4